"A Christ-centered family created to glorify God by equipping believers and engaging the lost."

A group of interested individuals began meeting informally in early 1968.  In July of that year a revival was held with several different preachers of different denominations preaching.  For several months the group tried to organize but could not get pastoral or lay leadership on a non-denominational basis.

On December 1, 1968 this group met in Green Valley Lake Estates to organize and constitute a new Missionary Baptist Church named Lakeview Baptist Church.  The first service was conducted by Reverend Bill Harbison, Associate Pastor of East Gadsden Baptist Church, Reverend J.T. Gregg, Pastor of Ford Valley Baptist Church, Reverend George Y. Williams, Missionary of the Etowah Baptist Assciation, and Reverend A. Leslie Kenney, Pastor of Southside Baptist Church.  During the service the following resolution was read:

“Whereas, it appears to us that there is a real need for a Baptist Church in this locality and after much prayer and seeking of divine guidance, and much consultation with our neighboring brethren and churches, and after the calling of a council to consider the matter, which the council has voted that there is a need for such a church, it is resolved that we….do now enter upon the organization of a church under the direction of the Council…by the adoption of our church covenant and articles of faith. “

Twenty four people agreed to the resolution and began the church.  The first sermon was preached by Reverend Willliams from Matthew 16:13 entitled “What is Right With The Church.”

Representatives of the Etowah Baptist Association Missions Committee met with the group from the church on Sunday, March 23, 1969.  At the meeting, doctrine was thoroughly discussed and the Committee agreed to recommended to the Etowah Baptist Executive Board that this church be admitted into the Etowah Baptist Association (EBA).  During the meeting, the church requested, from the EBA, 25 new hymnals and financial aid to help pay the pastor.

On October 23, 1969, at the EBA Annual Meeting, the Association voted to admit Lakeview Baptist Church and to grant them the needed aid and new hymn books.  Lakeview’s first pastor was Brother Chalmer Willborn, a poultry farmer in Southside.  He had been in the area for many years and well-respected in the community.